Device Connection and Configuration

Device Connection and Configuration

When operating a business, you often utilize several different devices, all of which should be connected on the same network, all completing various tasks that keep your business running. These devices can aid in productivity and efficiency, as long as they are set up correctly. Initial configuration and connection of these devices can be overwhelming, especially for less tech-savvy business owners. At ANAX, we offer assistance with the setup of various devices, as well as making sure they all communicate with each other properly, and in some cases, can even perform regular maintenance on them as necessary. 


Some companies provide laptops to their employees. In some circumstances, certain programs and privileges need to be set up and established. It can be a hassle ensuring that all laptops are set up correctly, and the same way. In addition, firewalls and other malware protection may need to be put in place. ANAX can help with everything you need to do to get your employees’ laptops ready for distribution.

Cellular Devices

Likewise to employee laptops, companies sometimes allot work phones to their employees, so as to not require them to use their personal phones for their jobs. Setting these cell phones up to the same standards across the board, as well as within company guidelines, is something that ANAX can assist with, whether they are Android or Apple products. 


In many scenarios, tablets are replacing laptops, especially with the additional mobility that they provide. In other scenarios, tablets have been replacing POS systems, which has become increasingly popular for small businesses, as it is less of an initial investment than purchasing a more robust POS set up. ANAX can help set up your company tablets for how you are looking to use them, whether they are Android or Apple products. 

Phone Systems

In a cloud-enabled, always-connected world, you can’t afford communication solutions that don’t keep up. At ANAX, we’ve built a reputation on delivering the best cloud solutions and onsite VoIP services to businesses in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and all over Southern Nevada. Regardless of business type or industry, existing infrastructure or budget, we’ll find the right fit for your phone needs. We can help get these phone systems set up, configured, and we can perform maintenance on them as necessary. 

And More!

There are many devices that can be used in businesses, and each one comes with a unique set up process. Contact ANAX to see how we can help.

Installing Firewalls & Preventing Viruses

Installing Firewalls & Preventing Viruses

In today’s society, the internet has a hand in almost everything. Everywhere you go, there are screens and links and images and sites galore. The internet has even changed purchasing habits, and allows for window-shopping of many different options without having to leave the couch. In fact, it is almost impossible to be a successful business without having a presence online. 

This being said, it is also essential as a business to have a functioning website, and a strong internet connection. With the prevalence of internet everywhere these days, the amount of viruses and malware that exists has also increased. These can affect not only your connection to the internet, but also your website’s accessibility and user-friendliness. In some cases, these cyber attacks can even access personal or private information about you or your clients, which is bad news for your business’ reputation. 

Firewall Prevention 

The good news is that there are some precautions you can take, both as an individual and as a business, to prevent, or at least lower the risk of experiencing a cyber attack. Firewalls can be helpful in preventing both viruses and hackers from being able to gain access to private files, information, or a system as a whole. 

What is a Firewall? 

Firewalls can be defined as either a software or hardware device that serves as a system’s filter. The firewall sifts through information that is attempting to enter a system and determines if it is credible and safe. There are various settings that one can select from for their firewall, which all determine how restricted this flow of information is. 

How Does a Firewall Work? 

As mentioned previously, the main purpose of a firewall is to prevent, or at least limit the chances of experiencing cyber attacks or contracting a virus. One of the main ways that firewalls do this is by acting as a gatekeeper for information trying to enter a certain system. In order to be able to pass through, the information must meet certain criteria. If it doesn’t, then it is not allowed entry, and the firewall effectively blocks it. One of these criteria that must be met is based on the source IP address of the information. This means that the firewall can determine where the information is coming from, and if it is not a trusted source, it can deny it entry into the system. 

How Can ANAX Help? 

Sometimes, computers come with built-in firewalls or malware protection. This may suffice for some individuals, however, these solutions tend to be bare minimum. For businesses, especially ones that deal with private or protected information, having additional protection is suggested. ANAX offers solutions such as firewall installation, configuration, and maintenance to make sure that you remain virus-free. Contact ANAX today to see what we can do for you! 

Network Maintenance and Emergency Support

Network Maintenance and Emergency Support

ANAX offers comprehensive Network and IT support for all your business needs. We provide services for daily maintenance as well as support with technical network issues. Our staff is fully certified to design and install complete networks, all while maintaining our prized and valuable customer service. 

With any business, technology tends to be deeply ingrained, especially in the forward-thinking world we live in today. Because of this, it is essential to have a properly set up and maintained network. ANAX offers several network solutions, as well as maintenance and emergency support, should your business run into any network issues. Here are some of the services ANAX provides:

– On-site Troubleshooting & Repairs

Some tech companies only offer troubleshooting over the phone, or via an online chat session. It can be hard to explain what the issue is in this case, and may even require you to fix it yourself. ANAX believes in a hands-on approach in order to save you the time and hassle. 

– Hardware / Software Installation

– Network Server Setup & Maintenance

– Cloud Integration

Having your business files and information synced with a cloud-based database service, you can be protected from potential network failures. ANAX can get this set up and maintained for you. 

– Backup Setup & Monitoring

Having a backup of your business files and information is another way to protect yourself from a potential network failure. These backups can be configured to automatically occur in certain increments of time, and ANAX can help monitor them. 

– Email Setup & Spam Control

ANAX can assist with setting up your email server and accounts, as well as establishing what gets filtered out. 

– Virus, Popup, Adware / Spyware Removal

– Firewall Installation & Configuration

ANAX can help establish protection for your network and all the devices operating on it. 

– Wireless Network Setup

– Remote Office Access Setup

ANAX offers many more solutions not listed. If you have specific questions, or want ANAX to handle your business’ network maintenance, contact us today. 

Automation in the workplace

Automation in the workplace

In the business world, time really is money. How do you go about making more money in the same amount of time though? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Here’s a million dollar answer: automate your business so you can spend more time completing high value tasks. Any time you have a repetitive task that adds value to your business, you should consider automating it. Software like Amazon’s AWS, OneDrive, and Google Cloud can be valuable automation tools for your business.

Automation encompasses any software that is used to complete a task that once required human attention. A common fear of automation used to be that technology would replace the workforce entirely. As cool as a customer service robots would be, that hasn’t really been the case. In fact, automation actually provides individuals with many of the necessary tools for success.

Automation adds value to your business

Automation was once closely associated with industries that dealt with manufacturing products as a way to ease the burden of human labor. Today, automation has become so common in our lives that we may not be actively aware of it. This is especially true in the modern workplace. Automation and IT solutions are valuable investments in your business. It allows many one-man-shows and boutique businesses to have the same infrastructure that you might expect from a large corporation.

Automation and other intelligent software can facilitate many time-consuming tasks that detract from other tasks that add more value to our work. For example, a young entrepreneur with a big idea and a small budget can use automation software for everything from payroll to email marketing. This allows them to hit the ground running so they can grow their business quickly and efficiently.

Professional network support

ANAX offers a variety of network and IT solutions for your business. We can help you deploy, maintain and protect the technology that keeps your office running. We also offer communication and IT solutions aimed at keeping costs predictable. Contact us today and ask us how we can help improve the way your business operates.

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What Exactly Are Networks and How Can Network IT Support Help?

What Exactly Are Networks and How Can Network IT Support Help?

What exactly is a network and how can Network IT Support help your team stay productive?

In today’s day and age, it is virtually impossible to have a successful and effective business without the complex network infrastructure that keeps everything in your office connected and secure. Issues with your network can bring your office to a screeching halt and the troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs can be time-consuming for anyone who isn’t a specialist in Network IT Support. But what exactly is a network though and how does it impact your business?

Well, essentially, a network is just that, two or more computer systems that are linked together. There are several different types of networks:

  • Local-Area Networks (LANs)
  • Wide-Area Networks (WANs)
  • Campus-Area Networks (CANs)
  • Metropolitan-Area Networks (MANs)
  • Home-Area Networks (HANs)

Network Servers and Clients 

Networks are comprised of two types of computers: servers and clients. The server is the computer that contains and manages all the resources, printers, and hard-drives. Every other computer that does not manage resources (like the computers and devices in your office that your employees use) are called clients.

Servers connect to clients through cables or wirelessly through routers and serve as to centralize data management and file sharing as well. Because Servers allow all of your devices, files, and applications to be accessed and shared, it is important to not only keep them running as fast as possible, it is also important to secure them.

Having issues with your network?

Issues with your network can present themselves in a multitude of ways including: slow internet, printer connectivity issues, and the inability for devices to share information between them. The problem with network issues is that there can be a ton of different issues and solutions to a problem. This can affect productivity around the office. The longer you or your employees spend frustrated with the slow connection or other issues around the office, the longer your team spends not working.

That’s why it is invaluable to have a team of professionals who can troubleshoot and repair network issues for you. Sometimes the issue only requires a simple fix that can be done over the phone or quickly by a specialist, but sometimes the issue cannot be resolved with the hardware that you currently use and it requires the installation of new hardware.

Technology is rapidly advancing daily! As new tech is introduced, it is almost certain that your network will be affected from time to time as it becomes increasingly outdated. Don’t let that get in the way of doing your job. At ANAX we can handle all of it for you from start to finish. Our team of specialists can troubleshoot, repair, install, and provide expert technical advice to help your business thrive.

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Network Security and Why It’s Important

Network Security and Why It’s Important

Network Security and Why It’s Important

What is Network Security?

In order to begin to understand why network security is so important to your business, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of what network security even is. Simply put, it is the collection of precautions and safety measures taken to ensure the privacy of your online database, or your IT infrastructure. Network security measures can be as common as utilizing a password for your computer or your website, to installing firewalls and anti-virus software (and regularly maintaining these). Most people are familiar with computer viruses and malware, and might be capable of putting these safeguards in place for themselves, however, when it comes to providing or sourcing network security for an entire business, the task can get overwhelming.

Why is Network Security Important?

Though network security is essential for everyone to maintain their privacy and safety online, there are certain scenarios where it takes even more priority than usual. When customers’ payment is involved, or clients’ personal information is stored in your database, it is crucial to make sure that your network is entirely secure. Sensitive information should be protected, and as a business, it is reflective on your brand character how well you complete this task.

In addition to the protection of your customers and clients, quality network security provides peace of mind to the business itself by preventing data loss and avoiding potential legal headaches. Network security also blocks possible disruptions in the flow of business, and keeps your company running as smoothly as possible.

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How Can ANAX Solve Your Network Security Issues?

How do you know if your network security is up to par for your business? Do you even have network security, and is it functioning properly? These are not questions that you want to leave unanswered, as the answers can make or break your business. If you’re unsure of where your network security standards are set, and you want to make sure that you are set up for success, contact ANAX and let us handle it for you! Our experienced technicians can evaluate your company and determine the best network security solutions for you. Take the next step towards a more secure future today!

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