New FTC Safeguards Knowledge Pack

Get up to speed on the new FTC guidelines for your industry with an educational video and accompanying guide.

Compliance Expansion

Learn about the new expanded definition of a “financial institution” which may include your company and require compliance.

9 New Requirements

Gain the knowledge needed about the 9 new requirement areas to make sure your company is covered.

Consequences & Enforcement

The FTC has increased both the fines and level of enforcement of the new safeguards. Get all the info you need on these new consequences and enforcement.

Limited Compliance Window

The new FTC Safeguards go into effect in June, which gives a small window to get our video and informational guide and make sure you comply with the new rules.

Insightful Data

The Knowledge Pack is full of insightful data that will help you understand the cybersecurity & compliance landscape.

The FTC Knowledge Pack

  • Educational video with all the info you need to cover your company
  • A comprehensive guide covering the 9 requirements and options for coverage
  • Shareable knowledge pack for your whole company
Get the FTC Knowledge Pack