Managed IT Services

We’re the experts in managed IT services, support, and security and offer managed cloud and onsite VoIP services to businesses in Las Vegas.

IT Services

IT services, troubleshooting, repairs, and IT network maintenance for businesses large and small.

Office Phone Systems

Phone system service and support including VOIP, remote access, & web based management.

Office Equipment Sales & Support

Top quality office equipment sales and support and maintenance of major top brands & models.

Las Vegas & Surrounding Areas

From our “My Tech” relationships to value based pricing that can meet any size client’s needs, we’re the top local IT support company in Nevada. Our wide range of services can cover remote companies, but we focus on the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson areas.

Proven Expertise and Longevity

Our founders and technicians bring decades of IT experience to the table in an unprecedented client-centric approach. We are proud to have clients who have been with us for over 15 years now, standing by ANAX thanks to our level of service & support.

What Does ANAX Offer?


Technology is constantly changing; evolving and growing as new things are being discovered every day. Because of this, your network is bound to get tripped up from time to time. Luckily, there is no need to stress when you have ANAX on your side! Proactively monitoring technology, maintaining business networks, and running frequent troubleshooting programs will significantly reduce daily issues and irritating downtime.  ANAX offers technology solutions that will allow you to achieve your highest business productivity. Our IT network services include troubleshooting, cybersecurity, repairs, and IT network maintenance. ANAX provides expert technical advice to help your business thrive.

For all your IT services, solutions, office equipment sales and support, and outsourcing services, ANAX is available when you need us. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that you can depend on our IT solutions and services. Your success is important to us and we you to recognize that ANAX will always be there to provide whatever it is that you need, quickly and efficiently.


See what ANAX can do for you.

Cybersecurity Services

Turnkey cybersecurity services designed to fit your needs and protect against an ever-changing landscape of threats.

Managed Services

Managed IT and network solutions that allow you to focus more time and energy on your business growth, and less on your IT and network.

Network Support

Our staff is fully certified to design and install complete networks, all while maintaining our prized and valuable customer service.

Office Equipment

ANAX provides top quality office equipment support and maintenance for all of our affiliated manufacturers and brands.

Why ANAX For IT Services?


Managing and maintaining your IT network can be a complex and demanding process. Using ANAX as your IT manager will take the pressure away so you can focus your time and energy on your business and its growth. Our expert network server maintenance team will troubleshoot the issue and do what it takes to fix it. With years of training and expertise, our staff at ANAX has been specializing in business technology solutions for over a decade. Today, our time-tested experience translates into technology initiatives that can be delivered in a convenient amount of time and within a reasonable budget.

Unlike so many other business technology companies who are only interested in numbers, ANAX is committed to building relationships with our customers. When other IT companies dismiss you and your small business because their IT support team isn’t up to par, contact ANAX for your IT services solutions instead. We have developed an exceptionally loyal client base over the years. Thanks to them, the bulk of our growth is the result of the referrals from many of our satisfied clients. Our consistent accountability has given our customers the peace of mind they need for their business, especially when it comes to IT management and services. Our goal at ANAX is to continuously surprise you as we exceed your expectations each time you contact us!