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Expertise Meets Affordability: Co-Managed IT Services

As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in the success of businesses, it’s becoming more important than ever to have a reliable and efficient IT system in place. By partnering with a co-managed IT provider, businesses can access the expertise and support they need to keep their IT systems running smoothly, without the high costs associated with a dedicated in-house IT team.

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What To Do When Your Computer’s Infected

Here at ANAX, we have seen our fair share of virus, malware, and phishing attacks while providing our clients with managed IT services. When you find that your computer has been infected with a virus – either through malware that has been attached to a file or a phishing scam that has targeted your business, it is important to act quickly to prevent compromising your personal information. While we are always available to help your business handle network security, there are ways to mitigate the damage immediately. Follow our guide on what to do when your computer is infected with a virus.

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Network Security and Why It’s Important

If you’re unsure of where your network security standards are set, and you want to make sure that you are set up for success, contact ANAX and let us handle it for you! Our experienced technicians can evaluate your company and determine the best network security solutions for you. Take the next step towards a more secure future today!

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IT Management & Staying Virus-Free

Let’s face it: with the widespread and rapid pace at which technology is growing, the days needing an (or several) employees on your staff to handle your I.T. needs are long gone. Today, almost all support can be handled remotely on a cloud and being face to face is a just call away. The benefits of outsourcing I.T. are pretty significant when you consider the value and efficiency that it adds to any business.

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Office Equipment Repair

Instead of wasting away your workday, sacrificing your productivity to find the best deal on a local office equipment repair service, have ANAX handle the hassle for you. Providing top quality office equipment support, ANAX offers maintenance for all of our affiliated manufacturer’s office equipment with extreme pride and excellence.

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