7 Ways Microsoft Copilot Transforms Collaboration and Productivity

7 Ways Microsoft Copilot Transforms Collaboration and Productivity

Unlocking the full potential of your business has never been easier with Microsoft 365 Copilot, a revolutionary tool designed to propel your business to new heights. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with the power of collaboration, Copilot offers an array of invaluable benefits that are set to transform your business journey.

Copilot connects all of your Microsoft tools, enhancing your skills with each and automating collaboration between documents and communication platforms to streamline management and free you up to strategize. Powered by large language models (LLMs) like Microsoft’s GPT, the Copilot system leverages Graph Data from Microsoft Graph to respond to user prompts and unravel intricate connections between entities such as people, documents, and events.

By tapping into these interconnected relationships, Microsoft Copilot becomes your company’s ultimate partner, offering intelligent suggestions and insights that anticipate user intent and generate remarkably accurate responses. All in all, it’s a great tool to elevate your collaborative capabilities, accelerate issue resolution, and help your teams foster a culture of collaboration and innovation.

In this article, we’ll give you 7 ways you can use Copilot to improve collaboration and productivity in your business. We’ve also included prompts to use with Business Chat, and tips to get you started using Copilot right away. Let’s dive in!


1. Create a Project Plan with Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot empowers businesses to create comprehensive project plans effortlessly. By leveraging its integration with Microsoft tools like Microsoft Planner, Word, and Teams, Copilot simplifies the process.

Copilot will assist in setting milestones, assigning tasks (and automating repetitive tasks), and establishing timelines. It ensures clarity and accountability, allowing teams to track progress and stay on schedule.

Possible prompt: “Hey Copilot, in Microsoft Excel, create a project budget template with columns for expenses, allocate a total budget of $10,000, and calculate the remaining balance for each expense category.”

When project planning with Copilot, use clear and action-oriented prompts that include the tool, structure, allocation, and any calculations or formulas needed for effective project planning. This format effectively instructs Copilot to generate specific outputs and take precise actions, resulting in more accurate and relevant assistance.



2. Break Down Tasks and Milestones

Once your project plan is in place, leverage Copilot’s capabilities with the Microsoft Planner tool to set milestones and timelines for each phase, ensuring key checkpoints and keeping everyone on track.

Copilot will assist you in setting specific milestones and timelines within Planner, ensuring clear goals and a structured project timeline. This enables you to establish key checkpoints for each phase, keep everyone on track, and maintain progress throughout the project.

Possible prompt: With a prompt like “Hey Copilot, add milestones and timelines for the design phase of our website redesign project in Microsoft Planner,” Copilot will assist you in establishing clear goals and maintaining project progress.


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3. Strategize Schedules

Copilot plays a crucial role in helping businesses sync and strategize schedules efficiently, even for beginners. By instructing Copilot, you can streamline scheduling processes and ensure effective time management. For example, saying “Hey Copilot, schedule a meeting with the marketing team next Monday at 10 AM” will prompt Copilot to add the meeting to the calendar and notify team members, promoting alignment and collaboration.

With its ability to sync schedules across Microsoft applications like Outlook and Teams, Copilot enables seamless coordination. It can help find suitable meeting slots by analyzing team members’ availability and suggesting optimal times, eliminating scheduling conflicts.

Additionally, Copilot assists in strategizing schedules by providing insights and recommendations. For instance, when planning a product launch and allocating tasks, Copilot analyzes availability, workload, and dependencies to suggest an optimized schedule, ensuring efficient resource allocation and smooth execution.

Possible prompt: To prompt Copilot for syncing and strategizing schedules across different time zones, reinforce the objective of aligning schedules and maximizing productivity.

For example, you can say “Hey Copilot, help me sync and strategize schedules with collaborators in New York (EST), London (GMT), and Sydney (AEST). Please provide recommendations and suggest optimal meeting slots that accommodate everyone’s availability. Additionally, analyze workload and dependencies to help us allocate tasks efficiently.”



4. Meet Efficiently

Copilot enhances meeting efficiency by providing real-time summaries and action items in Microsoft Teams. It helps create documents meeting notes, generating summaries, and identifying key discussion points. For example, during a brainstorming session, Copilot can help summarize ideas and highlight potential benefits and drawbacks.

By leveraging Copilot’s transcription and summarization capabilities in Teams meetings, you ensure accurate and accessible meeting records for future reference.

Possible prompt:  A simple prompt like “Hey Copilot, transcribe and summarize today’s team meeting in Teams and save it for future reference” enables Copilot to capture and organize meeting insights effectively.


5. Sync Communication and Collaboration

With the help of Microsoft 365 Copilot, businesses can unlock a world of seamless collaboration. Imagine setting up a shared workspace in Microsoft Teams with just a simple instruction to Copilot: “Hey Copilot, create a channel called ‘Web Revamp Projects’ in Teams, add John, Lisa, and Sarah, and give them edit permissions.” Voila! You’ve established a collaborative environment that fosters teamwork effortlessly.

Once the shared workspace is ready, Copilot revolutionizes the way projects are approached by enabling real-time collaboration among team members. Let’s say the marketing team is working on a Word document to create a captivating campaign plan. Copilot allows them to dive into the document simultaneously, sharing ideas, expertise, and providing instant feedback. It’s like having a virtual creative process that effortlessly propells the project forward.

Possible prompt: In this section’s example, the prompt includes the following elements:


1. Action: Instruct Copilot to create a channel called ‘Web Revamp Projects’ in Microsoft Teams.

2. Membership: Specify the individuals to be added as members, in this case, John, Lisa, and Sarah.

3. Permissions: Clearly state the desired permissions, which is to grant them edit permissions.


By providing specific and clear prompts, you ensure that Copilot sets up the shared workspace exactly as you intend, creating the desired channel, adding the specified members, and assigning them the appropriate permissions. This facilitates seamless collaboration and teamwork within the shared workspace.


6. Sync Documents and Tools

Microsoft Copilot serves as a virtual assistant, enabling smooth communication, refining documents collectively, and providing valuable insights, ultimately driving successful outcomes.

With Copilot’s seamless integration into Microsoft Word, teams can effortlessly review and refine documents. For example, the legal team can leave comments on a contract draft, enabling smooth communication and collective refinement. In Word, Copilot’s track changes feature simplifies the process of managing document revisions, making it transparent and efficient.

Additionally, Copilot integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Teams, elevating team conversations by providing vital information, transcribing discussions, and listing actionable steps. It ensures that every team member is fully informed and aligned, facilitating effective collaboration. Copilot also optimizes email management in Microsoft Outlook, generating concise drafts based on your instructions and extracting relevant information from emails. It saves valuable time and enhances communication by providing insights and context.

Possible prompt: “Hey Copilot, review the latest version of the marketing proposal in Microsoft Word and suggest edits for clarity and conciseness.”


When using Copilot to sync documents and tools, be specific and provide clear instructions. Clearly state the document or tool you want Copilot to work with, along with the specific task or action you need assistance with. This helps Copilot understand your intent and provide accurate suggestions or edits.


For example, instead of saying “Review the marketing proposal,” specify the document version and mention the specific area you want Copilot to focus on, such as “Review the latest version of the marketing proposal and suggest edits for the executive summary section.”



7. Track Progress and Updates:

To track projects effectively using Microsoft 365 Copilot, you can leverage its integration with Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Teams. Simply ask Copilot to provide you with a status update on the project. For example, you can say, “Hey Copilot, give me a progress update on the website redesign project in Microsoft Planner.”

Copilot will gather information from Planner, such as completed tasks, upcoming milestones, and pending assignments, providing you with a consolidated view of the project’s progress. Additionally, Copilot can summarize key discussions and decisions in Microsoft Teams, ensuring you stay informed about the latest updates to a project.

By utilizing these integrations, Copilot empowers you to have real-time visibility into project progress, enabling you to make informed decisions and keep the project on track.

Possible prompt: Instead of saying, “Hey Copilot, create a project plan for the website redesign project,” provide more details like, “Hey Copilot, create a project plan for the website redesign project in Microsoft Planner. Add tasks for content creation, design, and development, and set a deadline for each task.”

Be detailed about the desired outcome, the tools you want to use, and the specific actions you need to take. Remember, Copilot is designed to understand and respond to your instructions, so providing specific prompts ensures that Copilot generates a project plan that aligns with your expectations and includes all the necessary elements.

Built-in Troubleshooting

Copilot is not just a project management assistant; it’s also there to lend a helping hand when technical issues arise. Simply say, “Hey Copilot, I’m having trouble with network connectivity. Can you provide me with step-by-step troubleshooting instructions?” Copilot’s extensive knowledge base and problem-solving capabilities come to the rescue, guiding you through the troubleshooting process and minimizing downtime.


Support Business Growth with Microsoft Copilot Support

Microsoft 365 Copilot is the ultimate tool for businesses, even for those who are not familiar with the intricacies of Microsoft tools. It helps you plan, drive, and synchronize projects across different applications, assists in document creation and data analysis, and provides troubleshooting support. Copilot streamlines business processes, enhances communication, and boosts productivity, making it an indispensable asset for any team.

Are you ready to revolutionize your workday and unlock unparalleled success for your business? Look no further than ANAX, your trusted partner for Microsoft 365 tools set-up and management services. Take advantage of the game-changing capabilities of Microsoft 365 Copilot and propel your business to new heights.

Contact ANAX today and discover how our expert team can set up and manage your Microsoft 365 tools, including Copilot. Unleash the power of this groundbreaking tool and unlock unparalleled success for your business. The time for transformation is now.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a new tool on the market—when will it be available for your business needs? How do you know it’s the right fit for your management style?

You can access Microsoft Office support for documentation, tutorials, and FAQs related to Copilot and other Microsoft Office apps. The Microsoft Community forum is also a valuable resource for troubleshooting, getting tips, discovering best practices and engaging with other IT professionals who use Copilot.

But, to cover the top questions about Copilot now:

  • Is Copilot available for businesses? Currently, Microsoft is testing Copilot with selected users and gradually expanding access. Stay tuned on Microsoft’s website for updates on availability.
  • Can Copilot be customized to suit individual work preferences? Copilot learns from user interactions and adapts to individual preferences, providing personalized assistance over time. You can customize Copilot to align with your specific requirements and workflows. Use Microsoft Learn to find free online courses and learning paths, including specific courses on using Copilot effectively.
  • What measures are in place to address security concerns? Microsoft takes data security and privacy seriously. Copilot adheres to stringent security protocols, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your infrastructure and sensitive information.


5 Ways to Tell That Your Computer Has Malware

5 Ways to Tell That Your Computer Has Malware

Do you know how to tell if your computer has malware? As business owners and as individuals, we all want to avoid the dreaded malware attacks and computer viruses. However, even if we are careful and cautious, phishing scams and loaded links still have the potential of tricking us. 

While installing malware protection on your computer yourself offers you a bit of protection, there is no guarantee that it will block all attempted attacks. There are settings that you may have missed, hidden stipulations in the fine print, or it may just not be updated enough to handle the ever-changing and adapting world that is malware. It is important to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for these top 5 ways to tell that your computer has malware, and if you suspect that it does, call in the experts at ANAX to make your computer safe again! 

Constant Popups 

One of the easiest ways to tell that something may be amiss with your computer is the presence of incessant popup advertisements. This type of malware attack was certainly more prominent in earlier years when browsing the web on your desktop was a fun thing to do on a Friday night instead of a COVID-induced habit. While cybersecurity has certainly upped its game in the past decade, there is still a potential to fall victim to a malware attack, and a potential that this malware will rear its head in the form of popup ads. 

Constant Redirections

Another common red flag that your computer has succumbed to malware is an annoying and nearly constant battle with web browser redirections. This means that if you type in a website URL in an attempt to access that content, instead of going to the desired page, your browser gets redirected to a different webpage entirely. Often, this is disregarded as a user error or just a weird coincidence that happened, but when it is a regular occurrence, it can raise some warnings. 

Constant Warnings

Speaking of warnings, if you start seeing an increasing number of them, this could be another sign that you have malware. Warnings that pop up frequently, especially ones that convey urgency and want you to act quickly, can appear to be legit at first glance. However, inspecting them for a split second longer might make all the difference in the protection of your computer. 

There is a reason that warnings like these are designed with a prominent call to action, such as CLICK HERE NOW or FIX IT FAST. It is the same reason that they are designed with red and yellow and action phrases like ATTENTION! and URGENT! and CRITICAL ERROR! The goal is to get you to react quickly enough to miss any clues regarding its legitimacy. 

Constant Demands

Similar to the constant warnings we talked about above, you may also receive constant demands if your computer is affected by malware. These demands use the same principles of design, such as attention-grabbing colors and urgent action words. Instead of displaying a warning about a problem, however, they typically are more forthcoming and demand payment or ransom in order to rid your computer of the malware. 

Constant Fraudulent Posts

Lastly, a warning sign pointing to malware’s presence on your computer that has grown tremendously with the rising popularity of social media: fraudulent posts and direct messages. These utilize click-bait text that might say something along the lines of “is it you in this video? or “check out this amazing deal on Ray-Bans” or “I can’t believe you got THIS drunk last night.” Finding the right phrasing and a curious audience leads people down the malware rabbit hole, and if these kinds of posts and messages are coming from your account, it’s likely that you have already been affected. 

ANAX Can Address Your Malware Problems 

ANAX can help establish malware protection for your network and all the devices operating on it, ensuring maximum security for your business and your employees. We also offer several malware solutions, as well as maintenance and emergency support right when you need it. Contact us today! 

Setting Up Remote Office Access

Setting Up Remote Office Access

Many businesses last year switched to remote work environments, especially when stay-at-home orders were issued and enforced. With the realization that this work from home approach may be a new long-term operating norm, these businesses started looking for more efficient solutions for their employees. In order to collaborate effectively, these employees needed to be able to access work files remotely, and to exist in an online environment where networking and communication are seamless with others in the company. 

While there are many variations of solutions for these requirements, deciphering what may work best for your company, and then getting it set up and connecting every employee, may be a daunting task, especially if tech and the online world are not your forte. No need to fret, however, ANAX is here to help. Let’s take a look at what Remote Office Access is, and how we can assist you with setting it up for your business. 

What is Remote Office Access? 

In simplest terms, remote office access means that employees in a company are able to access their work computer or network, remotely from any location. This sometimes entails an online office environment where employees can collaborate with each other on projects, and do so more efficiently than if they were unable to access this remote office network. There are many ways to achieve remote office access, and each option may be more ideal for different scenarios than others. Some of the available options for achieving remote office access include local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), virtual private networks (VPNs), remote desktop access, and cloud network access. 


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are often considered to be the most secure, as they are not susceptible to direct attacks and have strict encryption protocols in place. This makes for a much safer communication between the remote office space and the employees, however, setting up a VPN is a lot more labor-intensive and demanding to set up. 

Remote Desktop Access

Remote Desktop Access is easier to establish and set up, and there are multiple ways to do so. With remote access software, enterprise remote desktop, or direct remote access options, there is a solution for every business. While remote desktop access can be utilized by virtually anyone, it is typically ideal for occasional or temporary remote work scenarios, or in circumstances where a physical office still exists while employees are stationed at home. 

Cloud Network Access

Yet another solution for remote office access is through a cloud network. This is typically the choice that many companies make when they have decided not to return to in-person work. There is a flexibility and lower cost appeal to this option, however, some companies are wary of the difficulty or inability to monitor device usage. 

How ANAX Can Help

Whatever option you would like to pursue for your company and employees, ANAX can help you get it set up. Initializing this remote office access system and onboarding all of your employees can be a daunting task, but our experts are here to make your transition seamless. We also take steps to increase the security of this remote office access to ensure that operations remain private and safe. We accomplish this by establishing firewalls and antivirus software on devices, and helping you determine which solution will work best for your company. We can also assist with setting up your VPN properly to maximize the level of security for both your business and your employees. When it comes to ensuring that you are successful in your transition to permanent or long-term remote work, ANAX has you covered. Contact our team of tech experts today!

Device Connection and Configuration

Device Connection and Configuration

Device Connection and Configuration

When operating a business, you often utilize several different devices, all of which should be connected on the same network, all completing various tasks that keep your business running. These devices can aid in productivity and efficiency, as long as they are set up correctly. Initial configuration and connection of these devices can be overwhelming, especially for less tech-savvy business owners. At ANAX, we offer assistance with the setup of various devices, as well as making sure they all communicate with each other properly, and in some cases, can even perform regular maintenance on them as necessary. 


Some companies provide laptops to their employees. In some circumstances, certain programs and privileges need to be set up and established. It can be a hassle ensuring that all laptops are set up correctly, and the same way. In addition, firewalls and other malware protection may need to be put in place. ANAX can help with everything you need to do to get your employees’ laptops ready for distribution.

Cellular Devices

Likewise to employee laptops, companies sometimes allot work phones to their employees, so as to not require them to use their personal phones for their jobs. Setting these cell phones up to the same standards across the board, as well as within company guidelines, is something that ANAX can assist with, whether they are Android or Apple products. 


In many scenarios, tablets are replacing laptops, especially with the additional mobility that they provide. In other scenarios, tablets have been replacing POS systems, which has become increasingly popular for small businesses, as it is less of an initial investment than purchasing a more robust POS set up. ANAX can help set up your company tablets for how you are looking to use them, whether they are Android or Apple products. 

Phone Systems

In a cloud-enabled, always-connected world, you can’t afford communication solutions that don’t keep up. At ANAX, we’ve built a reputation on delivering the best cloud solutions and onsite VoIP services to businesses in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and all over Southern Nevada. Regardless of business type or industry, existing infrastructure or budget, we’ll find the right fit for your phone needs. We can help get these phone systems set up, configured, and we can perform maintenance on them as necessary. 

And More!

There are many devices that can be used in businesses, and each one comes with a unique set up process. Contact ANAX to see how we can help.

Installing Firewalls & Preventing Viruses

Installing Firewalls & Preventing Viruses

In today’s society, the internet has a hand in almost everything. Everywhere you go, there are screens and links and images and sites galore. The internet has even changed purchasing habits, and allows for window-shopping of many different options without having to leave the couch. In fact, it is almost impossible to be a successful business without having a presence online. 

This being said, it is also essential as a business to have a functioning website, and a strong internet connection. With the prevalence of internet everywhere these days, the amount of viruses and malware that exists has also increased. These can affect not only your connection to the internet, but also your website’s accessibility and user-friendliness. In some cases, these cyber attacks can even access personal or private information about you or your clients, which is bad news for your business’ reputation. 

Firewall Prevention 

The good news is that there are some precautions you can take, both as an individual and as a business, to prevent, or at least lower the risk of experiencing a cyber attack. Firewalls can be helpful in preventing both viruses and hackers from being able to gain access to private files, information, or a system as a whole. 

What is a Firewall? 

Firewalls can be defined as either a software or hardware device that serves as a system’s filter. The firewall sifts through information that is attempting to enter a system and determines if it is credible and safe. There are various settings that one can select from for their firewall, which all determine how restricted this flow of information is. 

How Does a Firewall Work? 

As mentioned previously, the main purpose of a firewall is to prevent, or at least limit the chances of experiencing cyber attacks or contracting a virus. One of the main ways that firewalls do this is by acting as a gatekeeper for information trying to enter a certain system. In order to be able to pass through, the information must meet certain criteria. If it doesn’t, then it is not allowed entry, and the firewall effectively blocks it. One of these criteria that must be met is based on the source IP address of the information. This means that the firewall can determine where the information is coming from, and if it is not a trusted source, it can deny it entry into the system. 

How Can ANAX Help? 

Sometimes, computers come with built-in firewalls or malware protection. This may suffice for some individuals, however, these solutions tend to be bare minimum. For businesses, especially ones that deal with private or protected information, having additional protection is suggested. ANAX offers solutions such as firewall installation, configuration, and maintenance to make sure that you remain virus-free. Contact ANAX today to see what we can do for you! 

Network Security and Why It’s Important

Network Security and Why It’s Important

Network Security and Why It’s Important

What is Network Security?

In order to begin to understand why network security is so important to your business, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of what network security even is. Simply put, it is the collection of precautions and safety measures taken to ensure the privacy of your online database, or your IT infrastructure. Network security measures can be as common as utilizing a password for your computer or your website, to installing firewalls and anti-virus software (and regularly maintaining these). Most people are familiar with computer viruses and malware, and might be capable of putting these safeguards in place for themselves, however, when it comes to providing or sourcing network security for an entire business, the task can get overwhelming.

Why is Network Security Important?

Though network security is essential for everyone to maintain their privacy and safety online, there are certain scenarios where it takes even more priority than usual. When customers’ payment is involved, or clients’ personal information is stored in your database, it is crucial to make sure that your network is entirely secure. Sensitive information should be protected, and as a business, it is reflective on your brand character how well you complete this task.

In addition to the protection of your customers and clients, quality network security provides peace of mind to the business itself by preventing data loss and avoiding potential legal headaches. Network security also blocks possible disruptions in the flow of business, and keeps your company running as smoothly as possible.

See: Five Mistakes Made By Businesses Regarding IT

How Can ANAX Solve Your Network Security Issues?

How do you know if your network security is up to par for your business? Do you even have network security, and is it functioning properly? These are not questions that you want to leave unanswered, as the answers can make or break your business. If you’re unsure of where your network security standards are set, and you want to make sure that you are set up for success, contact ANAX and let us handle it for you! Our experienced technicians can evaluate your company and determine the best network security solutions for you. Take the next step towards a more secure future today!

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