Junk mail, spam email, different methods of delivery but it’s the same concept. Often, it receives the same reaction from those it is sent to as well. Eye rolls and groans and the potential to fall victim to a scam, oh my! Nothing good ever comes from either of these, but we endlessly continue to receive them, repeat our reactions, and make no attempt to cease their incessant attempts to reach us. If there was a way to stop this interaction, would you? Most of us answer “YES” with no hesitation. While there may not be a solution that blocks 100% of all spam ever sent to your email, we have good news. There are solutions that effectively filter out the majority of these sketchy emails. Even better news, we can help you get it all set up. Before we talk about our solution to this prominent problem, however, let’s take a closer look at what exactly spam is, how it can endanger your business, and then dive into how we can help keep you protected. 

What is Spam? 

No, we aren’t talking about the canned, processed meat. We are talking about the emails you receive from businesses or merchants attempting to sell you products or services that you may not have ever intended to buy or possibly didn’t even know existed. If you aren’t interested in these products or services, have never visited the company’s website or shown any attention to similar markets, why are you receiving these emails? How do they know how to reach you? In reality, there are many ways that companies can get a hold of your contact information. If your email has not been harvested organically somehow, chances are that it was purchased as a part of a hacked email list. Some companies have tools or bots that sift through all the available information on the internet and collect any emails they come across. 

In addition to simply offering products or services and hoping that you will bite and buy in, some spam emails contain malware or malicious attachments. When these files are downloaded, or the links are clicked, your computer can be affected. There are many dangers that can catch a free ride on spam emails, and it’s important to understand how clicking the wrong thing can be devastating to you as an individual, or to your business, which brings us to our next point. 

What Does Spam Mean for My Business? 

Spam emails are bad news for business for many reasons. Even if there is no malicious content included in them, clearing out the spam clutter can eat up a lot of time that could be better spent actually working. If the spam is not cleared out, it results in a lot of inbox and server space being used up. If your hosting limits how much storage space you have available, it could even result in your emails being capped and unable to accept any new mail, or being charged excess storage fees. 

In many circumstances, however, spam emails are not just harmless annoyances. Often, they contain malicious files, malware, or links that route you to sites that attempt to collect personal information. Malware presents a big problem for your company, as it can affect an entire computer network fairly easily. One employee falling victim to this kind of scam can put the entire business at risk. Similarly, when sensitive information is collected as a successful scam, personal details or client data can fall into the wrong hands. This can be disastrous for company reputation, and can even result in identity theft or access to company funds or accounts. 

How ANAX Can Help 

At ANAX, we have years of experience implementing successful spam filtering solutions. We take the time to get to know your company and its unique needs when it comes to digital security. Then we assist you with deciding what spam filter approach will be most effective for what you hope to achieve. As mentioned previously, these filters do not guarantee that no spam emails will ever make it into your inbox, however, they will cut down on the amount you receive tremendously. ANAX can help you set up spam filters for all your company email accounts and computers. The first step to protecting your business in the digital realm is as simple as getting these spam filters set up. Don’t wait, secure your company emails today.

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