Over the past few months, with a global pandemic wreaking havoc on the world, many businesses have transitioned to remote work, either temporarily or permanently. If you are an employee of a company who has done just this, you may be feeling a bit disconnected. Similarly, if you have a business that has made this decision for the safety of your employees, you may feel like you have less management over the work being completed. Rest assured, however, there are many options for you and your team to keep connected while working apart. 

Phone Calls

One of the easiest ways to stay in touch while working separately is by arranging phone calls to discuss schedules, work projects, progress, and more. Phone calls can be regularly scheduled, or may be spontaneous, and can be as in depth as discussing the entire week ahead, or as brief as simply touching base for five minutes. While your home office may not have the same office technology as the company, having a phone system based on the internet simplifies the transition to working from home. If you have questions about this solution or how to implement it for your business, contact our experts! 

Video Calls

Video calls are another popular choice of remote work businesses. This allows for more face to face communication, more seamless conference conversations, and the inclusion of body language. There are many free online resources for hosting video calls, such as Google Hangouts and Zoom. If you’re experiencing lagging videos in your conference calls, you may need to adjust your internet service. 

Group Messaging

Platforms such as Slack are designed for group messaging. This allows for the same level of communication as phone or video calls, however, employees can access the messages at their convenience, instead of being required to sign on and participate at a certain time. Slack also has provisions for creating groups or departments, making it easier to stay organized and on task together. 

Project Boards

Project board platforms or software such as Trello keeps everyone on the same page about what projects are being worked on, who they are assigned to, and what the progress is on them. Leave notes, add attachments and track the work flow as needed. Users can be granted access to certain boards, allowing employees to be able to better manage their projects and communicate about which tasks still need completed. 

Time Management Programs

In addition to communication and project management, utilizing a time tracking or time management program can prove to be beneficial for remote workers. Toggl or similar choices are popular for essentially clocking in and out for the day, or tracking how long specific projects tag. You can add tags for clients or projects to help stay organized. At the end of the week, you have the ability to export a timesheet to provide your employer if required. 

As you can see, there are several options to stay connected and keep communicating even while working separately. Remote work does not mean working alone. If you have questions about tech, software, or hardware that can assist with working from home, contact us today! 

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