Having Your Office Equipment Maintenance Regularly

The Benefits of Office Support

Most, if not all of us are familiar with Murphy’s Law that “anything that can go wrong, will.” This seems to especially be the case when it comes to office equipment and deadlines. It’s almost as if the office equipment is sentient and knows that you and your colleagues have pressing needs, like midterm exams to print out, when they decide to jam and flash those maintenance codes that you can barely comprehend.

Struggling with office equipment when problems arise can be incredibly frustrating. This is especially the case as we move forward, deeper and deeper  into an age of information technology (IT) that is driven by more tech than ever. Even the handiest of office workers will feel like reverting back to their prehistoric nature and stare blankly at out-of-order office equipment while fighting back the urge to bang on it until it works again. Trust, we have all been there and we have all wanted out Office Space moment with the copy machine. What’s worse is calling a technician to come out to your office and service your office equipment and finding out they won’t be able to come in for another business day. While you wait on your equipment to be repaired, you’re wasting time and everybody knows that time is money.

How ANAX Can Help You Stay On Task

At ANAX, we offer services geared towards office equipment repairs and maintenance that will keep your office equipment running properly so you can spend less time stressing over error-messages and more time making your service, product, or business the best one out there.

  • On-site Troubleshooting & Repairs
  • 3 Business Hour Average Response Time
  • Driver Installation & Setup
  • Network Connectivity Configuration
  • Ongoing Maintenance Support
  • End User Training
  • Account & Security Configuration
  • Consumables & Supplies
  • Remote Equipment Status Monitoring

You’ll be so happy with ANAX that you won’t need to spend any time searching the web or waiting on repair companies in the future because ANAX will be your first call, every time.

On average, ANAX has a same day response time of three-hours. This means that you can get back to work sooner and know with confidence that your office equipment is going to run perfectly.

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