In today’s society, technology is everywhere. It’s almost impossible to escape from it. When it comes to running businesses, there is no exception. Large businesses usually have the disposable income to invest in advancing technologies, but how do small businesses fare in this field? Though they may not have the funds to stay on top of every technological trend, big tech in small businesses can make all the difference in their success. 

Technology over the years has changed the way that systems run, orders are fulfilled, inventory is kept, and much more. Technology intends to streamline things, and make it easier for business owners to keep track and run their business successfully. Let’s take a look at specific ways the tech can make a big difference in small businesses. 


It has been shown that customers are more loyal to brands that they feel personally connected with. One way to foster this connection is with the ease of communication that technology provides. Because of technology, we have constant access to a vast array of knowledge and communication methods right at our fingertips. 

Businesses that engage with their clientele online are more likely to establish a connection with them, as they are available to answer questions, provide information on products and services, accept feedback, and address any issues immediately. Increased connection leads to more positive and successful customers interactions, which leads to brand loyalty. All thanks to tech!


The abundance of technology that saturates society has also changed the face of marketing. In order to advertise years ago, one might have to take out some ad space in a newspaper, buy commercial times for television or radio, or have printed banners and other marketing materials made. While some of these may still be effective in certain scenarios, they are typically time consuming, expensive, and do not allow you much customization. 

Technology has made major changes in this area. There are numerous options for marketing online these days, from social media ads to Google search ads and more. These allow you to design them however you want, present them to whomever you want, and pay how much you want. This kind of advertising can be much more feasible for small businesses. 

Leveraging Social Media

Social media is another popular trend that technology helped advance very quickly. It can be utilized very easily for both connection and marketing aspects discussed above, but also provides a simple way to keep your customers up to date of events, promotions, new products, general information about your business, and more. A vast majority of online adults utilize social media, so having a business presence on it expands your potential audience tremendously. 


Technological advances also benefit small businesses in the productivity department. Tech can allow time to be kept, tasks to be assigned and tracked, and systems to be automated, all in the name of productivity. These new ways of doing things can help to accomplish more in less amount of time, while not sacrificing any quality. When it comes to small businesses, this can actually end up saving money as well. 


Last, but certainly not least, technology has been able to change the security industry as well. Security and alarm systems, as well as surveillance cameras and recording devices, have all become more affordable and accessible. This allows even small businesses to get the equipment they need to protect and monitor their stores. 

As you can see, big tech can now be utilized in small businesses, and can affect them in tremendous ways. If you are a small business, and want to see what tech solutions are available for you, contact our experts today. 

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