One thing to keep in mind when searching for IT solutions, is how adept the IT services provider is at predicting human error, attempting to prevent it, and managing it when it does occur. It is a given that humans are going to make mistakes, even at their jobs at your business. Not addressing the impact of human error on your business could be catastrophic, so it is essential to have a gameplan. When you expect the unexpected, you are much more prepared to handle any situation that arises. So what are some of the most common human errors that you may encounter at your company? Let’s take a look! 


One kind of human errors that is fairly common falls into the knowledge-based category. This refers to when an employee does not have the adequate amount of working knowledge about a situation that arises. It could be that there is no set protocol in place at your company or no standard operating procedures in reference to that specific situation. Conversely, it could also be that there is a protocol, however, the employee in question is not aware of it, or has not been properly trained on it. When your business lacks structure, or your employees lack training, there is no communication about potential problems, and if there is, it does not accurately convey the issue. This often leads to the employee reaching a conclusion or solution on their own, with limited relevant experience and next to no resources, which results in incorrect approaches and unhappy customers. Instilling a protocol, especially with your business’ technology procedures, can help to prevent this human error for happening. 

Lapses in Memory

Even with the most efficient methods of remembering tasks, sometimes humans simply forget. It could be forgetting to complete something important or forgetting where you saved a file. It could be failing to complete a step in security protocol or forgetting to communicate about a project. While sometimes there simply is no solution for this human error, at other times, technology can help. We can help ensure that backups are being regularly performed, so at least if something gets lost, there are previous versions available to restore. 

Slip Error

This kind of human error occurs when the employee is dealing with fatigue or having trouble concentrating and they slip up performing their job duties. Often this happens when they are being overloaded with work, or having to rush at faster-than-human speeds to get projects completed. Incorporating some technology or some form of automation into your business workplace can help alleviate some of this pressure to perform, and will help reduce the amount of slip errors that occur. 


Similar to knowledge-based, this human error can happen when an employee is ill-informed of what the protocols are. However, instead of simply being unaware of what the rule is, it implies that a change in rules has been made, and the employee is still doing things the old way. This can lead to unclear communication and misinterpretations, which leads to inconsistency in solutions, and confused customers. Automation and digitizing your standard operating procedures can help prevent any mishaps in this regard. 

How ANAX Can Help

ANAX provides managed IT services and other technological support that your business can benefit from. Unlike so many other business technology companies who are only interested in numbers, ANAX is committed to building relationships with our customers. When other IT companies dismiss you and your small business because their IT support team isn’t up to par, contact ANAX for your IT services solutions instead. We have developed an exceptionally loyal client base over the years. Thanks to them, the bulk of our growth is the result of the referrals from many of our satisfied clients. Our consistent accountability has given our customers the peace of mind and the preparedness to combat human error that they need for their business, especially when it comes to IT management and services. Our goal at ANAX is to continuously surprise you as we exceed your expectations each time you contact us!

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