In the past year, we have seen countless businesses move to a remote work set up due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of these businesses have seen great success with a model like this, and the transition has been seamless. Some businesses, on the other hand, have found themselves struggling to make the appropriate adjustments. It can be difficult to have to re-establish workplace norms, especially when you are no longer in a centralized office, however, it is not impossible. Your tech experts at ANAX are here to help, and we have come up with some ways to ensure your business, and your team, experiences the greatest success possible. Below you will find some suggestions on what exactly your business needs to operate remotely. Let’s check them out! 


Establishing a solid connection means a few things for a remote-based business. First, your business and your employees need a reliable (and high-speed) connection to the internet. When based in a centralized office building, it can be fairly easy to establish an internet connection across the entire company. However, when your employees are working from home, it can be much more difficult to manage. Providing guidance on what your business expects from your employees in regard to internet connection and accessibility can be a great first step in ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 

Another form of connection that is necessary in a remote-based business is connection with each other. While some businesses operate smoothly without much intrapersonal connections, there are other markets that require employees to have a firmly-established connection with each other. This is seen most often in businesses that have teams or departments that must remain connected in order to be successful in achieving their respective goals.

Yet another kind of connection needed for a remotely operating business is the connection between your employees and the required information, data, or files for their job functions. Remote-access storage is necessary for employees to be able to connect with their work, and perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. 


In addition to simply establishing connections between employees and personnel, reliable and effective communication must be in place. There are many kinds of communications that can take place throughout a workday, and many solutions that can be put in place to create effective communication even while working remotely. Upgraded phone systems with high-quality headsets, a company-wide email system, instant messaging software for speedy communications and quick questions, video conference calls, you name it. There are plenty of solutions that exist to bridge the communication gap in remote work, and ANAX can assist you with deciding which one is right for your business, as well as getting it set up! 


Last, but certainly not least, collaboration is necessary to ensure the success of a remote-based business. Collaboration can only exist if connection and communication have first been established. In companies that have teams or departments, it is crucial to come up with collaborative solutions to ensure these groups of individuals can effectively work on projects simultaneously. There are many ways that collaboration can be woven into your remote business set up, including cloud-based storage solutions that allow for real-time participation of multiple team members, group conference calls and video conferencing, screen-sharing abilities, and more. When your team members are able to effectively collaborate remotely, nothing can stand in the way of growth for your business. 

If you are ready to take your business remote, or need assistance with stream-lining your already-remote business, contact the experts at ANAX! We can help you determine your specific needs and get everything set up for a seamless transition.

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