In today’s day and age, it is virtually impossible to have a successful and effective business without the complex network infrastructure that keeps everything in your office connected and secure. Issues with your network can bring your office to a screeching halt and the troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs can be time-consuming for anyone who isn’t a specialist in Network IT Support. But what exactly is a network though and how does it impact your business?

Well, essentially, a network is just that, two or more computer systems that are linked together. There are several different types of networks:

  • Local-Area Networks (LANs)
  • Wide-Area Networks (WANs)
  • Campus-Area Networks (CANs)
  • Metropolitan-Area Networks (MANs)
  • Home-Area Networks (HANs)

Network Servers and Clients

Networks are comprised of two types of computers: servers and clients. The server is the computer that contains and manages all the resources, printers, and hard-drives. Every other computer that does not manage resources (like the computers and devices in your office that your employees use) are called clients.

Servers connect to clients through cables or wirelessly through routers and serve as to centralize data management and file sharing as well. Because Servers allow all of your devices, files, and applications to be accessed and shared, it is important to not only keep them running as fast as possible, it is also important to secure them.

Having issues with your network?

Issues with your network can present themselves in a multitude of ways including: slow internet, printer connectivity issues, and the inability for devices to share information between them. The problem with network issues is that there can be a ton of different issues and solutions to a problem. This can affect productivity around the office. The longer you or your employees spend frustrated with the slow connection or other issues around the office, the longer your team spends not working.

That’s why it is invaluable to have a team of professionals who can troubleshoot and repair network issues for you. Sometimes the issue only requires a simple fix that can be done over the phone or quickly by a specialist, but sometimes the issue cannot be resolved with the hardware that you currently use and it requires the installation of new hardware.

Technology is rapidly advancing daily! As new tech is introduced, it is almost certain that your network will be affected from time to time as it becomes increasingly outdated. Don’t let that get in the way of doing your job. At ANAX we can handle all of it for you from start to finish. Our team of specialists can troubleshoot, repair, install, and provide expert technical advice to help your business thrive.

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